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Semi-automatic water controller (Auto off Device) for tullu pump

Purchase Minimum Quantity - 1

Product Details

Application: Tullu Water Pump

Compatibility: Suitable for Tullu pump only

Supply voltage and Current Range : 230V AC , 0- 6A AC

Product Dimension and weight: 5.2x3.1x13 cm and 100 g

Product Description


·         Overflow Controller for underground tank or overhead tank

·         Suitable for any Single Phase/Three phase Motor for Home, Office, Hospital,  Restaurant etc



·         Avoid Overflow

·         Save Water and Electricity

·         Shock Proof Operation

·         Protects Motor Winding

·         Save Underground Water Resource


·         Motor On Indication

·         Auto Motor Off when tank full

·         Supports for more than one tank


·      1 Year Replacement Warranty.

Working: As per the diagram put a sensor below the overflow valve/pipe or top of the water tank. When the water level reaches to the highest level, the sensor sense and motor automatically get switched off. No Manpower is required.

Sensing Element: Stainless Steel sensors.

The package contains: 1 Water level controller unit, 1 Sensor, 1 User Manual with all technical details and warranty card.